1st Knaphill Scout Group is an active Scout Group in Surrey, with a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack and Scout Troop.  All sections offer a wide range of activities on a weekly basis together with regular hikes, camps and participation in District events. The Group also organize the annual firework display in Knaphill attracting visitors from all over Woking.

The Group is well supported by a dedicated team of voluntary leaders and helpers—but there is always room for more!  Demand to join 1st Knaphill Scout Group is high. The Group could open another Scout Troop, Cub Pack and Beaver Colony if leaders come forward.  If you are interested in becoming an adult leader or helper please contact us for further information.

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17th-18th Sep


Firework Display

Sat 5th Nov


Remembrance Parade

Sun 13th Nov



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GROUP CAMP 15th-17th JULY 2016


What a fantastic weekend!  Scouts, Cubs and Beavers came together to enjoy a weekend of fun activities including action in the skies from the Farnborough Air Show.  The weather was balmy and everyone was in great spirits.  On the Saturday a number of Scouts and leaders went off to visit the air show, whilst others stayed on site to take part in climbing, abseiling, kayaking, raft building, caving, mini pioneering and backwoods cooking.  In the afternoon those on site took a short hike to the perimeter of the air show to watch the aerial displays.  A big thank you to all the leaders and parent helpers and  a special thank you to Miranda (Raksha) for masterminding the event. 

Tracey, GSL

On Beaver camp I liked the caving best because it had tunnels to explore and I also liked making my new flag. I also liked toasting my marshmallows on the fire.

Toby, Beaver Scout

More camp reports and photos to follow shortly

This year, I got to go to the summer camp with some of the older Beavers and stay over one night at Runways End Activity Centre, which is near Farnborough airport. When we got there, we went potholing in a fake cave, underground. We played hide and seek, and we actually hid a few things and we had to find them without a torch. Some people got scared just like in a real life cave!  After potholing, we had huge marshmallows and toasted them - I really love marshmallows!  We also made flags, a design with anything we liked! We went on a walk to see the Farnborough Air Show, and sat on a hill and had drinks and watched the planes. It was so cool and we actually saw a Typhoon fighter jet and I can't believe what an awesome thing it was to see. We also saw bi-planes and other awesome fighter jets. They are so cool I wish I could fly in a jet one day.  In the evening we had a campfire and we sang songs and Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all sang as well!

Sam, Beaver Scout

On Friday we collected all the equipment from HQ and when we got to the campsite we set the tents up in the camping area.  I liked the canoeing the best and building the rafts.  I also liked playing games with the young leaders and football in the field.  The planes were very noisy due to the fact there was an airshow

Jonathan, Cub Scout

I really enjoyed caving the most. It was scary because it was dark but I laughed when Dad slipped down a slide inside. I loved seeing the aeroplanes, they were great.

Lewis, Beaver Scout

After school on Friday we met at HQ and loaded up the cars with everything we would need.  Then we set off to Runways End - I was really excited! When we arrived the first thing we did was put up our tents.  The Cubs were in one field and the Scouts were in the other one.  I shared my tent with William and Dominic. Afterwards we played King of the Hill in the big field before having a supper of hotdogs and cake, along with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.  Then we went off to our tents and grabbing our washbags, we went to brush our teeth and change into our pyjamas, before snuggling down into our sleeping bags.  The next day after breakfast we tidied up our tents and got ready to go raft building.  It was great fun on the lake because we built our own rafts using oil drums and there was a challenge - all of you must fit in one section of the raft.  Then all of the other team fell in the lake - ha ha! We also managed to see some of the planes from the Farnborough air show - my favourite was the Typhoon, which was very loud as it flew over us! After lunch we went canoeing, which I had never tried before.  It was great fun! Then we played marine basketball - which is basketball on boats!  That evening we had a camp fire and performed some sketches, which were very funny.  I was in the "Ugliest Pig in the World" sketch! Then we sang some songs and went to bed - I was very tired after such a busy day.  On Sunday morning we packed up our tents and got ready to go home.  I had a fantastic time at camp and can't wait for the next one! 

James St, Cub Scout