Beavers held a sleepover in the new huts at Birchmere Campsite & what a success it was!  For a change Beavers actually slept at a sleepover!  They were in bed by 10pm & didn’t wake up till gone 7am.  We were seriously beginning  to wonder if they were OK! They all thoroughly enjoyed the activities and worked well as a team to master the stave game.  Here’s what a couple of them had to say….

This is the 4th sleepover I have ever been to.  I would give it a rating of 5 out of 5 because it was exhilarating!  We watched a movie and toasted camp pizzas.  My one was totally burnt but it still tasted nice :)  We made a car out of wood and I had lots of sleep!  THANK YOU! I had lots of fun :-)

By Alex, Beaver Scout

I had a good time, it was fun!

By Andrew, Beaver Scout