Date: 19th Aug 2018 Author: Tracey Daniell


Eight of our Scouts travelled to Kandersteg, Switzerland as part of the Surrey County KIX 2018 expedtion for an adventure of a lifetime.  They took part in a whole host of adventurous activities including the ever popular rafting and toboganning, low and high level walks and even a cable car ride.

Here’s what some of them had to say upon their return:

This trip was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who gets the chance to go and because of how it only comes around once every 4  years, it really is a do it or don’t & miss out on an adventure. If you are wondering what you do in Kandersteg, there are so many things to keep you occupied that you will never be bored. From the likes of high ropes to climbing a mountain to the very top, rafting and tobogganing down a hillside. With a town right outside your campsite, you can go in at night times and sit by the river and skim stones all night long. The main town of Kandersteg is not too far away and make sure you take your Swiss Francs because there are plenty of shops to keep your eyes looking. My favourite activity had to be tobogganing because with all the turns and the view, the speed and the fun, it was an activity I shall not forget.

Report by Ben

I enjoyed the rafting because it was great fun falling in the water and pushing your friends in. I enjoyed having splash wars with other boats, we all got soaked!  It was a great chance to meet scouts from other countries too and we had the biggest campfire I’ve ever been to!  I have also now broken my record of my highest hike which was to 2284 metres above sea level.

Report by Sam

My favourite day/activity was the rafting. For me the best part of the day was when the giant in charge of our boat threw me in with one hand when I tried to make him go overboard. Also when the people on our boat jumped onto another boat and started throwing other people in but then 4 from the other boat grabbed each of my limbs and threw me off the boat.

Report by Issy




Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls