Date: 5th Dec 2018 Author: Tracey Daniell

The hike, the hammocks and the piggies…..

First things first, we had to figure out “where we were”…….. the middle of a field ! Didn’t take too long once we figured that out we were on the way to victory. We started walking with the other groups following closely behind, you could tell that once we started walking it was going to hurt at the end as the rucksacks were quite heavy but we had great team morale so we would easily power through it. We got to the 1st bridge and decided to take our first pictures of thepigs so we set up a few shots. Our first injury occurred not long after, the inflatable pig got his bumcaught on a thorn bush. Luckily with our quick thinking we were able to tape up his behind in record time, despite there being no plasters in the first aid kit. Shortly after this we took a turn into a fieldwith cows in the next field and Ian was chatting to the cows. Just after this we found a nice field to have lunch in, after a perilous bridge crossing. When we got to the bottom of Box Hill we just stopped and looked up, we didn’t believe we would make it to the top. As we started to climb it just got steeper and steeper, we lost the team behind us and we were all helping each other manage to get to the top.   Getting to the top of the steps was the hardest part and we had a half hour break and some fun rolling back down the hill while we recovered. The other team caught up with us and they were all out of breath which was funny as we were now fully recovered. As we left the other team in our dust we discovered a road which looked like it went on for miles and it turns out it did. As we got into the middle of the woods we found a gate saying Scout Campsite where we literally collapsed into site as we realised we had succeeded. Once everyone finally caught up we had a hammock demo, we paired up and four of us all helped each other to get the job done faster. As we settled into camp it got dark quickly so we all headed over to the fire. We sat with the other scouts and had our tea, we were all laughing about our different experiences on the hike. Everyone was exhausted but we all thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Rob conveniently left the marshmallows nearby so we were waiting for them while the troop forum droned on. After marshmallows everyone all decided it was time to try and get some sleep so we went to bed (hammocks). Only one word describes how everyone felt all night – FREEZING except of course for those in tents. With hindsight hammocks probably were not the best idea in this weather, the wind blew under the tarps and hammocks all night keeping us all nice and cool. As everyone started to wake up, not that we were really asleep anyway, we all talked about how cold we were. We had some good fun and gamesbefore the parents arrived such as rugby tackling and manhunt in the bushes. All in all one of my favourite camps.
Report by Emma, Scout

This camp was my second or third camp that I have done in scouts so far. We had to walk about 7km to find our way to the camp in our 3 teams. Also, each team had a mascot (a little inflatable pig) that we used to make a small slideshow/video with our phones about its adventure to the campsite. After a lot of times getting lost, we finally found the it. There, we set up hammocks to sleep in for the night and one tent. It was surprisingly dry but still quite cold in the hammocks at night. Personally, I really enjoyed the camp because it improved our teamwork and orienteering skills. Can’t wait for the next camp!

Report by Alex, Scout

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls